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How to Care for the Dominican Blowout

It’s an awesome feeling to walk out of the salon after getting a new hairstyle like the Dominican Blowout. You feel and look fresh with your hair swaying in the wind and your feel a bit of pride as your gorgeous hair gains a few admiring looks from all directions. The full effects of your hairstyle will last for a few weeks with proper care!  Caring for your Dominican Blowout should not be a difficult task and will prove to be worthwhile.

Here are a few tips to get you started. . .

1.) Leave it Alone! 

After using a flat iron, you will likely need to retouch your hair with heat. After a Dominican blow out you don’t need to do this, in fact, it can cause significant damage if you do re-heat your hair! Especially if you do it after three days, it can increase the risk for brittle hair. The reason for this is due to your hair being in a different state at the moment. It is not yet ready to withstand the heat! Resist all temptation to retouch your hair with heat; you could end up seriously regretting it! You may want to check with your salon so that you have a good understanding for when it will be okay to start using heat appliances in your hair.

2.) No More Moisture! 

Before straightening your hair, it’s important to use a good moisturizing treatment, and it’s crucial to moisturize your natural curls. After getting the Dominican Blowout, it's essential that you stay as far away from moisture as you can. Well…okay, you don’t have to be that extreme, but it’s important that you don’t knowingly moisturize your hair! Steam can also help your curls to return sooner than expected so be careful and always remember to take your umbrella with you, even on a sunny day- you never know what the weather might do!

3.) Find the Right Products! 

 Steam and water will invite your natural curls back, but there are also products that can do this too. It can be quite tedious to go through every single ingredient in a hair product. The main products to steer clear of are any that have the word ‘water’ or ‘aqua’ in their list of ingredients. Also look out for (and avoid) glycerin or propylene glycol as these are humectants and will draw unwanted moisture into your hair! 
You don’t want to have greasy hair while it’s straightened so avoid any oils or products with petrolatum or mineral oil. Solid styles don’t work very well through straightened hair either so try and avoid those! However, you can use confine waxes and pomades on the hair line.

4.) Still, Care for Your Hair at Night! 

Wrap your hair at night to keep it straight during the day! There are many ways to wrap it so find one that works best for you!

5.) Return to Your Natural Hair 

Don’t constantly get Dominican blowouts one after the other. Have a break and have some of your lovely natural curls on the show! Having lots of Dominican blowouts can damage your hair, it’s fine to get them occasionally but try not to get them too often. This way when you do get them, they will look their best!

In conclusion caring for a Dominican, Blowout isn’t easy, but it shouldn’t be too difficult either.  Just make sure to follow all the steps above and you will keep your style looking beautiful for as long as possible!

  • March 13, 2018
  • Maurice Shabazz